My name is Jamieli Gallardo, and you can call me Jem, an Accountancy graduate. I am an experienced bookkeeper, accountant, and virtual assistant. I love working with numbers, enjoys data manipulation, data analysis, thinks outside the box, and can wear many hats. I also love to learn new things and explore the world of technologies. Nothing brings me more pleasure than making something out of nothing. Even the results are far from my ideal expectations, and I find the whole challenge utterly enthralling.

Last quarter of 2014, when I started working remotely, and from that, I learned a lot of new programs and be able to connect with people outside my country. At first, I was hesitant to do this kind of job because I wasn't confident to sell myself, especially with business owners outside the country. But then, I said to myself, nothing will lose if you will try, then I tried. So far, in my five years of working from home, all the hardships and sacrifices are worth it.